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.NET Metadata Expert 2.14


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Description of
.NET Metadata Expert
Visualize and analyze dependencies between metadata elements of .NET components without decompiling or having access to the source code. .NET Metadata Expert offers a quick and easy way to access namespaces, data types and type members, attributes and keys of .NET assemblies without having to disassemble. Working via reflection, .NET Metadata Expert visualizes dependencies between metadata elements by drawing hierarchy graphs and offering several other views.

Metadata Expert offers developers a handy productivity and data analysis tool. .NET Metadata Expert is blazing fast, employing the .NET Reflection mechanism to analyze the internal information of .NET assemblies. No disassembly and no original source code are required.

Viewing and analyzing metadata is easy and convenient. .NET Metadata Expert builds type hierarchies automatically, and offers several convenient views to access the data. Views include inheritance tree, nesting tree, and construction tree. A unique combined view is available, displaying the inheritance tree as well as showing the type members. You can double-click on an element and view its full properties in a new window.

Offering quick metadata search with five searching modes, .NET Metadata Expert can quickly display all dependencies of selected elements. For example, simply selecting a namespace will instantly produce a list of related types and assemblies. With hundreds of namespaces and thousands of classes comprising a typical .NET assembly, one-click access to dependencies and relations is a valuable analysis tool. Advanced filtering with multiple options and criteria offers precise control over what's displayed.

Want to look over a hard copy? .NET Metadata Expert produces results that look great on display and just perfect when printed. Fully customizable WYSIWYG printing is available for single or multiple sheets. The tool is compatible with .NET assemblies produced by 32/64-bit versions of .NET Framework 2, 3, 3.5 and 4.0
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
.NET Metadata Expert
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Author: Creomate
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
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